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Ellenwood, GA 30294

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2 Hill Farm CSA Shares


You can check this section if you need help identify an item in your CSA box. If you can't find your item here, you can email me at taylorganic@gmail.com


Green Bok Choi

Nappa Cabbage
Alma Peppers
French Filet Beans
 Gretal Eggplant
Hungarian Wax Peppers
 Italian Peppers
 Merit Corn
 Blue Potatoes
 Red Potatoes
White Potatoes
 Gold Potatoes
 Sugarloaf Raddichio
Mixed Potatoes
Scarlett Turnips
Silver King Corn
Purple Broccoli

Globe Artichoke
Raddicchio (leafy variety)
Purple Bok Choy
Bok Choy
Mixed Salad Greens
Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Green Swiss Chard
Spring Onions with Purple on Root
Purple Mizuna
Green Mizuna
Tatsoi Leaves
Vitamin Green
Fairytale Eggplant
Rosa Bianco Eggplant
Chinese Red Noodles aka "Long Beans"
Lemon Cucumbers
Savoy Cabbage
Eight Ball Yellow Squash
Blend of Escarole, Chicory and Deandelion Greens
Dandelion Greens
Lamb's Quarters (Wild Spinach)
Curly Mustard Greens
Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
English Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Curly Kale
Broccoli Rabe (Rapini)
Lacinato Kale
Russian Lake Kale
Easter Egg Radishes
Bulls blood Beets with their Greens
Mixed Baby Turnip Roots
Purple Turnip Roots
Sweet Onions
French Breakfast Radishes

 Pablano Peepers
 Country Apples
 Mountain Apples
 Baby Lima Beans
 Beet Greens
 Beet Greens
 Bullsblood Beet Roots

 Black Beauty Eggplant
 Bok Choy
 Broccoli Crowns with Leaves
 Butternut Squash
 Green Storage Cabbage
 Caraflex Cabbage
 Carrots with Greens
 Broccoli Sprouts with greens

 Asian Pear
Sweet Bulb Onion
 Covington Sweet Potato
 Daikon Radish
 Delicata Squash
 Eight ball Zucchini
 Fairy tale Eggplant
 Watermelon Radish
 Yellow wax beans
 Summer Yellow squash
 Zepher Squash 

 Caliope Eggplant


 Flashy Troutback Romaine Lettuce
 French Filet Beans
Chiooga Beets

 Garlic Scapes
 Sweet Genovise Basil
 German Stripe Heirloom Tomato
 Golden Frills Mizuna
 Goldmine Zucchini
 Grenn Garlic
 Hansel and Gretal Eggplant
 Haikuri Turnip with Greens
 Hansel and Gretal Eggplant
 Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes
 Mixed Spring Onions
 Italian Peppers
 Jerusalem Artichikes
 Chinese Radish
 Japanese Eggplant
 Juliet Tomatoes

Kermit Thai Eggplant
Lemon Basil

Winter Density Romaine Lettuce

 Red Sails Lettuce
 Frilly Red Lettuces
 Red Romaine

 Red Lettuce
 Green Crisp Lettuce

 Romaine Lettuce
 Nappa cabbage
 Red and green okra
 Green Pac Choi
Curly Parsley

 Patty Pan Squash
 Purple Basil
 Purple Cauliflower
 Rattlesnake Pole Beans

 Red Sorrel
 Country Red Tomatoes

 Rosa Bianca Eggplant
 Savoy Cabbage
 Siberian Kale
 Silver King Corn

 Sugar Pie Pumpkin
 Sweet Potato Leaves

Thai Peppers

 Thai Basil
 Romesco Cauliflower
 Watermelon Radish

 Winter Bor Kale