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2 Hill Farm CSA Shares

Monday, August 4, 2014

Meat Prices

CutAvg WeightPrice per pound
Chops~Breakfast1 lb$10.00
Fat2-3 lbs$3.75
Ground Pork1 lb$7.00
Ham Hock1 lb$6.00
Ham Roast2 lbs$10.00
Ham~Cured25 lbs$13.00
Smoked Ham Slices1 lb$10.00
Smoked Hamsvaries$13.00
Ribs2-3 lbs$10.00
Sausage1 lb$8.00
Loin3-4 lbs$13.00
Shoulder Roast2-2.5 lbs$10.00
Bacon~Cured~only avail with whole or half1 lb$11.00
Half HogAvg 50lb$5.25
Whole HogAvg 100 lb$5.25
BEEF~Grass Fed  
Short Ribs1 lb$8.00
Rib Eye Steak1-1.5 lbs$10.00
Sirlion Steak1-1.75 lbs$10.00
T-Bone Steak1.35 lbs$10.00
Chuck Roast2-2.5 lbs$8.00
Top Round Roast2.0 lbs$8.00
Sirlion Tip Roast3 lbs$10.00
Stew Beef1 lb$7.50
Shoulder Roast3 lbs$9.00
Cube Steak1 lb$8.00
Chicken ~A and G Farms~Free Range and raised organically  
Halves2 lbs$3.00
Quarter~Leg1 lb$4.00
Wings~Avg 4 or 81 - 2 lb$3.00

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